Internships are an important part of the student’s career journey as they move through the four-year developmental process. Research demonstrates that students who perform at least one internship while in college find meaningful work and can match their skills once they have completed their Bachelor’s degree. Many employers convert interns into full-time employees upon graduation. Our dedicated staff provides support and structure to help students find the right experience to fit their career aspirations and plans.

Washington College is fortunate to have SIGNATURE INTERNSHIPS which are experiences that are ear-marked for our students and supported by a generous system of grants and funding. Every year, the office of Curricular Enrichment adds more opportunities to those below to provide as many options for students. In some cases, Washington College is among only a few institutions that participate in the incredible opportunities.




The Academy Art Museum in Easton, Maryland offers semester and summer internships opportunities. The internships expose students to museum operations and provide opportunities to attend gallery programs and events.  Students can select among the following:

Curatorial, exhibit design and mounting: This includes research on artists represented in the museum’s collection of artists and artworks whose work is under consideration for exhibit and research to support the permanent collection. This work is guided by the professional museum curator. Exhibit design and mounting include assisting with exhibits, design of informational and marketing materials for the exhibit, and actual installation of exhibitions under the curator’s guidance.

Fundraising and event planning.  Interns will assist with membership development and advancement campaigns, designing and planning membership events, assisting with development calls all under the supervision of the director of development.

Art education.  The interns will assist in developing and delivering art education programs, art classes, and workshops and museum tours for adults and for children as well as art outreach to schools. Their work will be supervised by the education coordinator or the early enrichment manager.

Students must have a GPA of 2.8 or above and be in good academic and social standing.

The applicant will submit a current resume, transcript, and 300-word statement of interest as well as an application form that is available for download from the page.

For more information contact: Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment




An opportunity is available for a qualified student to intern over the summer in the Division of Cardiology at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC. The student may choose from 4 specific areas including:

  • Introduction to Cardiology Practice: The intern will be exposed to outpatient clinic work, non-invasive imaging, cardiac catheterization, preventive cardiology, and inpatient cardiology.
  • Introduction to Cardiology Research: The intern will be introduced to investigators working in the labs at Children’s and will be able to explore methodologies in cellular and molecular level work.
  • Introduction to Health Care Administration: The intern will learn about hospital management through project work and meetings with staff members on topics such as clinics; human resources; budgeting; customer service; safety; and other objectives of the strategic goals of Children’s.
  • Nursing Leadership in a Magnet Environment: The intern will participate in research, quality, safety, and leadership projects. “Magnet” refers to the highest level of credentialing nationally recognized within a hospital setting.
  • This opportunity is a highly selective internship. Potential interns will be asked to submit a resume, a 300-word statement of interest, a current transcript and agree to an interview with faculty and staff here at the college. Students will be required to meet the criteria set out by the hospital including a criminal background check and health screenings.
  • For more information, contact Tya Pope at



Corbin Advisors offers a summer internship experience to a highly qualified Business Management student. Students work side by side with professional advisors to observe and learn about investor relations and how Corbin succeeds to elevate a client’s brand power by identifying and positioning a compelling story to investors.

A resume and cover letter should be submitted to the Associate Provost’s Office and all candidates are then interviewed by the company. For more information contact the Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment, Tya Pope at


This is a new offering available to qualified Washington College students who are interested in learning more about non-profit work. The Program extends several Delaware and Pennsylvania based non- profit summer internships. Interns are introduced to advocacy and research work, can learn about various missions and goals of their respective workplace, and first- hand, observe how grants and individual donor funding contribute to organizational sustainability. Students interact with constituent-clients served by these entities and are afforded opportunities to meet with collaborative community partners. A broad range of host employers is available including Chadds Ford Historical Society in Chadds Ford, PA; Delaware Community Foundation in Wilmington, DE; Lightship Overfalls Maritime Museum in Lewes, DE, and Stroud Water Research Center in Avondale, PA.

Students receive a stipend from the college to participate in these internships. They can opt to pursue academic credit or complete these internships just for the experience. If credit is sought, an intern creates a learning contract with the assistance of a faculty advisor. The agreement includes a number of learning objectives as well as relevant academic assignments to be completed during the summer experience. The learning contract is shared with the host employer and he/she provides assessments of a student’s progress that are reported back to the faculty advisor. With successful academic completion, this internship is recorded on a student’s transcript.

Interested students or another potential, non-profit hosts should contact the Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment to learn more about these exciting experiential learning opportunities within the non-profit community!



The Starr Center for the American Experience, located in the original 18th-century customs house in downtown Chestertown, offers an array of unique opportunities for Washington College students. Special events and free weekend “road trips” to historic sites around the region draw participants from many different academic departments and bolster the College’s traditional strengths in history, American studies, art, political science, and related fields.

Competitive internships and fellowship programs have awarded students thousands of dollars in grant money for independent research, travel, and writing on topics from the history and psychology of magic, to the writings of H.L. Mencken, to an oral history of racial integration in the local public schools.

The Starr Center also serves as a portal to a world of opportunities beyond campus – from voyages aboard Chestertown’s 1768 Schooner Sultana to internships at places like the Smithsonian InstitutionGeorge Washington’s Mount Vernon, and other nationally recognized institutions.



Washington College students may apply to intern and receive scholarship awards in the National Security Scholarship Program. Sponsored by the Independent College Fund of Maryland, this program offers qualified students, an opportunity to work for various homeland security-focused partners (Sample list below). Students meet early in September with the NSSP representative to learn the program dynamics. While we encourage First-Year Students to learn about the NSSP and prepare ahead, the application process is open to Sophomores and Juniors who are US Citizens.

AAI Corporation

Boeing Advanced Information Systems

Booz Allen Hamilton


Computer Sciences Corporation


Essex Corporation

General Dynamics

Harris Corporation

L-3 Communications

Lockheed Martin


Verizon Federal Network System

The National Security Agency

Selected scholars can receive up to $15,000 in scholarship awards.


Is there a GPA and class requirement for this internship program?

Yes, students must have a minimum GPA of 3.0, have earned a minimum 24 + class credits which must be completed by October 10 of their Junior Year, be in good academic and social standing, and planning to return to Washington College for the academic semester following the internship.

When may I apply?

Applications are accepted by NSSP from September to early October.

Can I earn academic credit through this internship?

Yes, academic credit can be earned when the student signs a learning contract with the appropriate supervising faculty member.

What is needed to apply?

For application information and assistance, please make an appointment with the Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment.

How do I learn about my application status?

The initial review of applications is made by the NSSP review panel in mid-October. All candidates are notified whether or not they were selected for an interview by the end of October. Candidate interviews are conducted the first and second Saturdays in November, and each candidate is assigned a specific time and date for an interview. These interview slots cannot be changed. All interviews are conducted at :

Booz Allen Hamilton 304 Sentinel Road Annapolis Junction, MD 21701

All applicants receive an e-mail notification with the results of the scholarship interview process on or about December 1. Selected applicants will move forward to security clearance processing.

When candidates successfully complete security clearance, they are reviewed by the NSSP Board for an internship placement with program partners and/or notified of the scholarship award in early June.

All scholarship candidates must confirm (email or in writing) acceptance of internship by mid-June. A Thank You letter addressed to “The I-Fund NSSP Supporters” is required and should be received by the end of June.



The Office of Naval Research is offering a summer research opportunity exclusively for a Washington College chemistry major. Founded in 1946, the Office of Naval Research has been a pioneer in the public support of science and technology research that benefits both the naval services and the nation. From investments in the earliest computers to spearheading seminal research in deep-sea exploration to cultivating groundbreaking efforts in solid-state electronics and countless other innovations, ONR has been shaping the Navy and Marine Corps — and the world around us — for seven decades and counting.  Students participating in the research will select a lab of interest to him/her such as biomaterial development, power and energy, and environmental quality.

Interested Sophomores or Juniors should contact Professor Anne Marteel-Parish in the Chemistry Department (  for more details about eligibility, financial support, and application details.  The deadline for applications is mid-December.



Washington College students are fortunate to be among a few colleges that participate in the NOAA summer internship program. These unique experiences expose students to urgent issues affecting the climate and our environment. Internships are announced closer to the summer and can reflect national placements. Past NOAA experiences have been located in the Florida Keys, California, and Seattle, Washington. Students should look for announcements about this year’s opportunities from the office of Curricular Enrichment.



This research experience is available to one or two highly qualified Washington College Biology and/or Chemistry majors interested in pursuing post-graduate work towards a Ph.D. The lab is supervised by Washington College alumna, Dr. Terumi Kohwi-Shigematsu, a world-recognized expert in genetics and cancer research. Students wanting to gain some experience in the molecular biological field will learn cutting edge high-complexity molecular analyses of chromatin structure and expression profiling studies together with cellular biology analyses should apply. This is a unique opportunity to develop molecular biology skills and to interact with outstanding researchers in the field of stem cells and chromatin research at USCF which is one of the top medical institutes in the U.S.

The main research interest of her laboratory is Chromatin Organization and Epigenetics in Gene Regulation and her group is focused on the study of how chromatin structure determines cell behavior and fate, and its role in cancer, stem cells, and brain function. For more information about her research please refer to:

Kohwi-Shigematsu, T., Poterlowicz, K., Ordinario, E., Han, H-J., Botchkarev, V., and Kohli, Y. Genome organizing function of SATB1 in tumor progression. (2013). Seminars in Cancer Biology 23:72-79. NIHMSID: NIHMS396670

Interested students should contact either the Chair of the Biology or Chair of the Chemistry Departments here at Washington College or alternatively the Assistant Dean for Curricular Enrichment. Candidates are asked to submit application materials that are reviewed by an internal Washington College committee and then further reviewed for a final decision by Dr. Kohwi-Shigematsu.