Student Internship Spotlight – Sydney ’22

Where are you interning? 

Student Affairs Office at Washington College

What is your position? 

“My title is “Student Engagement Campus Intern” and I am working with the Vice President of Student Affairs, Sarah Feyerherm, in the Student Affairs department at Washington College. I work to support the peer mentor administration and the coordination of student leadership programs and new student orientation. My duties include helping the Vice President and the Interim Dean of Students in the general coordination and organization of the Peer Mentor program over the summer, including the assignment of groups, the development and implementation of all summer training for Peer Mentors, and other functions related to the administration of the Peer Mentor program.”

How does this internship fit your career goals? 

“This internship has allowed me to learn new collaboration skills, how to make connections within the work place, how to plan an event and make it happen, and so much more. Being a psychology major, I’ve always loved making connections with other people and using their skills to collaborate with my own. I’m excited to continue my future with this new knowledge!”

By Ryan
Ryan Intern