YEAR ONE: Discover

Think about what you like to do, what excites you and what you find meaningful. To get started, come in and meet with your personal career advisor who will support you along the way.

  • Attend the First Year Career Awareness Program, FYCAP, which will help you learn more about the Center for Career Development and our experienced coaches.
  • After you’ve settled in, meet individually with an advisor to talk about what courses and activities can help you reach your long-term goals.
  • Attend a career workshop or other special events hosted by the Center.
  • Create your college resume and LinkedIn profile.
  • Become familiar with Handshake, our easy-to-use internship search platform, and set up your account.
  • Check The Dispatch, our weekly e-newsletter for upcoming programs and resources.

YEAR TWO: Explore

With a better sense of what interests you, reach out to your new network and explore career options.

  • Continue to attend workshops, informational sessions, alumni and employer panels, and the annual career fair.
  • Research opportunities of interest and the possibilities of your major. Update your resume and LinkedIn and Handshake profiles.
  • Complete an externship (job shadowing) and internship to gain experience.
  • Attend Sophomore SOAR program which offers a more in-depth look at career pathways.
  • Meet with your career coach to refine your career or graduate school plans.


Start to zero in on where you want to land. We’re here to help you clarify your interests, develop relevant skills and network.

  • Talk with your career coach about your internship, job and graduate school dreams and needs.
  • If you are considering graduate school, prepare for admissions exams.
  • Conduct informational and mock interviews with alumni and parents.
  • Participate in networking events to expand your personal connections.
  • Research organizations of interest and learn about application guidelines.
  • Update your resume, LinkedIn Profile and Handshake accounts.

YEAR FOUR: Take off

Begin your job search with a targeted list of employers. Finalize and submit graduate school applications.

  • Meet with your advisor to get advice on how to tailor your resume for specific job and graduate school opportunities.
  • Continue to practice and tailor your interviewing skills through mock interviews.
  • Participate in career center events including career fairs and on-campus interviews.
  • Finalize applications for graduate or professional school.
  • Ask for faculty letters of recommendation.
  • Share the good news of job offers and graduate school acceptances!