What would you say to your younger self if you could look back and write yourself a letter? What advice, inspiration, tips, tricks, and support would you offer your younger self as you journey forward into life after college. Send us your ideas & insights to be published as a special series this summer by our RCL (Rebecca Corbin Loree) interns.

I’ll start:

Dear younger self,

Be prepared to be amazed. Not by what you will and can learn to do, but also by all the opportunities that come before you. Chill, relax, listen, and soak in the moments of your undergraduate career; you will never be here again. On the day you graduate, so many will be happy and proud of all you have done, because you have done a lot. Now to the next chapter…who knows what life will bring you – so bring it on! Prepare to pivot, to be challenged, and of course to be amazed. ~ GB

By Georgina Bliss
Georgina Bliss Assistant Director