Tips & Tricks when you want to respond via email & electronic communications

We all have clogged email inboxes with emails that we have never opened. It is often a full time task to take care of your school email, your private email, and maybe you even have an email at your student worker job. Imagine what a recruiter’s mailbox looks like? Read more, and plan to attend the Digital Communication Workshop on Monday, October 4 @ 4:30 – CLICK HERE!

Cutting through the clutter can be hard. So, here are some tips to help your email make an impression:

Boost your subject line: Depending on who you are writing too, put your name in the subject line to a recruiter – like this: Georgina Bliss is following up on her application for Marketing Assistant – This approach tells the recruiter what they need to know. Another example: Georgina Bliss writing to connect after meeting  OR Georgina Bliss reaching out with questions. Poor subject lines include: Follow-up OR Career Fair OR Resume.

The body of the email should be concise, short, and be clear. Make sure you tell the person at the other end what you want. Use punctuation, spell-check, and language that mirrors the employer. Include a hint about the employer/grad school that demonstrates that you have done some homework: Example:

Dear Mr. Marvel,

I am writing to follow-up on our meeting on September 29 at the career fair. I enjoyed meeting with you and would like to have more information about the assistant marketing position and when you will be accepting applications. I am eager to apply and believe my qualifications are a great match for your promotional platform at XX company. Please reach out (or you can reach me) at XXXX. Best regards, XXXXX

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By Georgina Bliss
Georgina Bliss Assistant Director Georgina Bliss