Sarah – Class of 2020

At Washington College Sarah worked in the Athletic Communications office, Public Safety department and was also a Resident Assistant.

What is Networking and what advice would you give to a current student?

“Networking is the action or the process of the exchange of information between individuals usually leading to the development of a social or professional contact. Like most college students you might be looking for job opportunity or maybe an internship. In order to get some of these opportunities that are available to us, we need to actually put ourselves out there and one way to do this is to network. Networking is just exchanging information (Business cards or name) or maybe even something that you and another person can relate on. Just exchanging this information and building a network of contacts who will be available to you down the line when you maybe are looking for an opportunity that having an insider might give you a one up. It’s not always about what you know but who you know! Networking is really important to do even when we are in times like this where we are limited on the places we can go. Send emails, send texts, make phone calls to the people in the industry that you are looking to get into. It will set you up for great opportunity later down the line.”

By Ryan
Ryan Intern Ryan